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Refuge Inspirations



The outdoors, wildlife, nature -- all are inspiring and many find that they cannot help but act on the inspiration through writing, photography, drawing, painting, etc.  Do you have any such items you are willing to share with the world?  If they are outdoors or wildlife based, please email them to us and we will publish them here on the Volunteer Life page.

In Remembrance

Volunteer/Friend Bob Travis sends us these offerings:

The Wayfaring Stranger

The blazing hues of the forest's leaves

Herald a brown and rustling repose.

Nature with apprehension perceives

Winter, which bare branches will expose.


Rieves Pond

The placid pond, lightly kissed by a feather breeze,

Gently moves to the rhythms of music unheard.

Tranquility rests; no civilization sees

Nature's art framed by the wings of a bird.


All Creatures Great and Small

Curious eyes, intently on guard, watch me near;

Then, on needle-thin legs, in panic, bound away --

The forest gives protection the deer hold dear.

My soul's painful twinge gives birth to a hopeless dream:

Love and trust will prevail and all such fears allay,

In some future forest vale, by a calm, wooded stream.


The Misunderstood

Soaring in the heavens' azure and white-streaked dome,

The vaunted vulture's circles are of growing girth.

The king of the sky is comfortably at home,

But abdicates all glory to return to earth.


Pyrrhic Victory

The old eagle, safe in his territory,

Spies a strong, young rival soaring by.

Abiding no such effrontery,

He leaps into the fog-misted sky.

The rival knows the eagle's attack;

He turns to meet the blow in mid-air.

Protecting his vulnerable back,

He determines the fight shall be fair.

The old eagle and young rival meet,

Locking talons high in the gray air.

With their broad wings each other they beat;

And thus joined, helix down -- a fated pair.

The forest screens the end of the fall;

But then, the rival, assured he's best,

Emerges from the tree-masking pall

Seeking healing, and a far place to rest.

The old eagle in a moment's space,

Above the gray-green trees appears

And struggling to his perching place,

A victory scream the forest hears.


The Hero

On his own business, a crow is slowly flying;

When, like a missile, a small bird vectors

Out of the forest canopy, for his honor vying.

Swooping and diving, the crow he hectors.

The crow continues placidly on his current tack,

Stolidly enduring this interlude of fate.

At his territory's bound, the bird goes back

To bask in the admiring gaze of his mate.




All the above © 2002 Bob Travis

Please email us your short stories, poetry, art work, photographs etc. -- works that were inspired by your experiences on the refuge or in the outdoors.

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