Thursday, March 16, 2023

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Update

Fouad WhatsApp APK Download Latest Version

fouad whatsapp latest version is the most popular mod of WhatsApp today, and it's more powerful than the original; it can send larger files, choose more topics, and hide online status at the same time. Fouad WhatsApp offers many additional and exclusive features that WhatsApp doesn't. It is a better alternative to WhatsApp. Also, it's completely free to download and use, and we highly recommend this version of fouad whatsapp official.

WhatsApp itself is one of the most used instant messaging services in the world. It's simple, accessible, and easy to use. It has all the basic functions of chatting, calling, video calling, real-time location, group calling, sending money, and even receiving money. However, many users are tired of the simple interface and lack of sophisticated functionality. Therefore, the developers provide more features of fouad whatsapp new version which will enhance your chatting experience and increase your privacy.

Will Fouad WhatsApp lead to account suspension?

Fouad WhatsApp is a modified version of Fouad WhatsApp with some extra features like hiding last seen, hiding blue tick, WhatsApp status save, WhatsApp chat lock, and more.

Many people think that if they use fouad whatsapp latest, their account will be banned, which is a misunderstanding. Fouad WhatsApp's latest version APK comes with Fouad WhatsApp Anti-Ban, which prevents your account from getting bank. So you can use it with confidence. Please download Fouad WhatsApp's latest anti-ban APK from the Fouad WhatsApp download link below.

Fouad WhatsApp Features:

Fouad WhatsApp 2022 offers more extra features. Its top-notch features make it the most downloaded WhatsApp alternative (mod app) with more privacy controls. Here are some special features of Fouad WhatsApp.

Hide blue ticks:

You can hide the blue tick even when you're reading a message in a WhatsApp chat. You can hide your online status; in addition to that, you can see who is online or not.

To set up automatic replies:

You can set up auto-replies on the modded version to increase your efficiency.

Do Not Disturb Mode:

One of the most convenient features of Fouad WhatsApp is Do Not Disturb Mode, which silences all notifications that will no longer disturb you.

Thousands of themes for Fouad WhatsApp:

Users can choose the desired WhatsApp theme without an external application. It contains over 4,000 themes, including anime, games, landscapes, and more.

You can send 100 images at a time:

The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp can send up to 100 pictures at a time.

Latest version fouad whatsapp status download:

Original Fouad WhatsApp does not allow us to download and save Fouad WhatsApp status offline. But you can download Fouad WhatsApp Status and save them offline by not downloading other apps on your phone.

Shake to add friends:

The latest version of Fouad WhatsApp has added a shake to add a friend function, which is very fun and can meet more people.