Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Fouad WhatsApp application is considered to have many advantages over the official

Fouad WhatsApp application

One of them is the chat application that can be tried to replace WhatsApp, namely Fouad Whatsapp. really the same, but Fouad WhatsApp is becoming more and more interesting due to its excellent specifications

Fouad WhatsApp application is considered to have many advantages over the official

The Fouad WhatsApp application is considered to have many advantages over the official or original WhatsApp program. Placing inequalities on the more ancient side of the specification. It is also not available on regular WhatsApp.

It is natural that this advantage makes WhatsApp Fouad's application more user-friendly. If you haven't had time to take advantage of this Fouad WhatsApp program, you can certainly give it a try. Feel the impression of using a WhatsApp that offers full specifications.

What is the difference between regular Whatsapp and Fouad Whatsapp?

In terms of specifications, it is very different because many programs have been developed. For more information about the differences between Fouad WhatsApp and regular Whatsapp, please read the following differences.

Fouad WhatsApp

Personality length feature up to 255 characters.

Users can share up to 100 documents at the same time.

Various tools 50mb.

Hide visible messages.

The location of contacts on WhatsApp can already be adjusted.

There are various files txt, PDF, etc.

About 130 supported languages are available

Blank messaging is available.

Available object fixes.


 Personality length is 139 characters.

Various files 30 files.

Multiple containers of 15 MB.

Unable to hide last seen.

Cannot copy location.

Not suitable for various txt and PDF scripts.

Only 45 languages are supported.

Not ready to send blank messages.

Not ready to replace objects.

Advantages of Fouad WhatsApp

The advantage of Fouad WhatsApp is really in the personal settings. Because of the more secure personal arrangement, it can automatically maximize personal settings for various users as needed.

The following is one of the advantages or strengths found in this modified WhatsApp.

1. Change font

This Fouad WhatsApp program offers a number of fonts that can be equated to the will. And the setting method is not too difficult. You just need to select the setting surface and click Change Application Font.

There you can find several font options that you can specify, and then click Load Font. The appearance of attractive and unique fonts will make the gadget less boring when used for chatting.

2. Scheduled Messaging

This modified WhatsApp app also provides its users with the most useful scheduled messages. These specifications are absolutely perfect for people like you who tend to forget. The technique to turn on this feature is.

  • - Click on the icon in the bottom right corner.
  • - You can then select the number you want to receive.
  • - Next, the system will ask you to complete the message to be said.
  • - Select the time and date of delivery.
  • - The last step is to simply click on the agenda.
  • - The success message is automatically scheduled.

3. Replace objects

Using several interesting object options is certainly a dream of many Whatsapp users. the normal appearance of Whatsapp is just that and there are few topics. As a result, many users get bored with the monotonous look.

Unlike Fouad Whatsapp, it offers several alternative objects to change the wallpaper. To change an object

  • - Click on one of the three dots on the home page.
  • - After that click on Settings and decide on a theme to use.
  • - You can automatically select several theme options.
  • - Define attractive objects according to taste.
  • - For the last method, if you really believe in the object you specified, click Apply.